Monday, November 6, 2017

Will Terry

This week we are studying Will Terry and how to create interesting character design. We also are discussing how our environment helps shape our characters. Though sometimes its our characters that directly impact their environment (See Image below.)

We will also be discussing how to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. Many of our favorite stories, movies, and television shows are retellings of older stories. What makes the new ones compelling is that we have better context to them. This means we can relate to the newer version of the story better. This can be a result of reinventing the artistic style or modernizing the characters, or both. Terry's characters have an energy to them that is charismatic and engaging. What this does is make the viewer want to be a part of their character's journey. 

The gesture is critical in selling the emotional state of the character and drama in the image. If there isn't good gesture in the image then the will appear lifeless. What makes Terry's image here so compelling is nearly everyone can relate to the actions of the character. The gesture here is not only believable, but punches up the storytelling. 

Good character design should have a voice. It should be easy to imagine what that character would sound like. There are two amazing things happening with Terry's image below. First, what an awesome incorporation of a character that has a disability. Disabilities are a part of life. This creates a not only a more interesting character design, but believability. The disability in real life is a huge asset in the design because it automatically makes this character more compelling. Second, the overbite has a sound familiarity that gives context to the audience to the sound of the character. The glasses give a nice assist in selling that sound narrowing the possibilities for the audience's interpretation.

When you combine all the elements Terry is utilizing you get into dynamic children's book images. That are exciting and fun. Remember at one point children's books were the video games, movies with special effects, television shows of their day, Terry captures that excitement with solid design skills. For example, look at how he incorporates diagonals to create energy.

This picture is exciting!

Practice character design by do a master study of this drawing...