Sunday, October 8, 2017


Think of composition like a map. A beautiful glorious map that allows the viewer to have a sense of direction of what you are trying to communicate.

Above is a definition of composition. You want to think of it as how you lay objects and ideas on your page for your audience.

Composing an image can be a confusing struggle for the artist. Where you place things and how you emphasize them has meaning. While your audience will always drawn on their own experiences to interpret your ideas, you really want them to get what you are trying to say. 

The map above while wondrous is a confusing mess. There is no order, or emphasis of importance.

Viewers that are confused will not spend time on you work. They won't like it. So this week we will explore how to create an image. We will learn how to map our ideas so that we clearly communicate to our audience and they can appreciate what we are trying to say.

Crazy whale monster loves this!