Friday, January 13, 2017

Introduction to Value...Frank Miller

Frank Miller revolutionized the comic book industry by actually saving it from economic collapse. Entertainment powerhouses like Marvel and DC were on the brink of bankruptcy. 

One of the major comics in his career that he did before saving the entire industry was the revolutionary 300. It was a blend of historical fact mixed with comic book flair and artistic license to create a dramatic account of the Battle of Thermopyle.

The graphic style and dramatic storytelling would eventually capture the attention of Hollywood, and debut the famous movie director, Zach Snyder.

What he is most famous for is evolving one the most important comic book characters of all time,..Batman.

Batman was originally closer in design to a literal bat. 

Some of the early Batman depictions look like hooded pajamas with a cape and safety belt. 

As a result of designs that didn't represent a darker and more complex world comic book sales began to decline. So Frank Miller said, he wanted to write and draw a more realistic and brutal Batman story that would reflect the effect of years of crime fighting.

The result was the Dark Knight Returns. Frank's sharp value style added intensity and edge that resembled the grittiness of the movies and news at the time. 

The elevated drawing style was a departure from typical cartoony comic books and encouraged fine artists and other famous illustrators to try their hands at comic books too.

Artist's inspired by Miller's work...

Don't forget to draw your two value Batman!