Monday, April 3, 2017

Rubric For Final Children's book Project

Your original image should be placed upon 9in by 12in paper. (You may work larger if necessary.)

There should be a 1in border around the image. 

The image should reflect all the design principles as defined by your syllabus and gone over in class. 
A particular focus will be on value since it was the major theme this unit.)

You will be graded on how you used reference.

Your final image must be reflective of the book that you’re presenting for.

The final is due April 13th.

Children's Book

It's that time to wrap up our final children's book images. Again what we are looking for is a reinterpretation of what was created before. What this means is that you read the text, and create a new image based upon what the book makes you think and feel. 

There are a lot of ways of looking at the same thing. Maurice Sendack's Where the Wild Things Are is a wonderful story, but has more than one way it can be looked at. 
Visually it has been explored by film and children's books and will continue to be so. 

However, many people have personalized this book because it had a special meaning. As culture and time pass so does meaning and interpretation. It is important the newer work reflect this. This is why you see older stories reinterpreted all the time. Here are some examples of reinterpretations of Where the Wild Things Are.

All of these have a much more modern feel so how are you transforming your story to reflect you? How does your interpretation reflect your audience?