Monday, August 15, 2016

The World is Legos!

The secret sauce to understanding what ingredients make a great artist begins with understanding how artists see the world. When you ask an artist can you draw ______? Before you finish your question the artist should be thinking,"Yes, I can."

The reason being is that the artist understands we live a world full of shapes. We are surrounded by rectangles, squares, and circles. Your table is a rectangle, as is the flag we pledge to, and the white board we look to for notes. The ceiling tiles are squares, and the water bottle top is two circles forming a cylinder. The point is artists see the shapes in everything. Artists understand that it is these shapes coming together that allow us to see. 

You understand that too. Through the toys or video games that you played with growing up, you experienced building a world of your imagination. 

It is important that we try to train our eyes to see the shapes that make up our world, so that understand we can use those shapes to build what we need.